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 The NESHL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2005 as a means for regional Sled Hockey teams to engage in competitive, sportsmanlike hockey. We are the first-ever organized, multi-state, adult sled hockey league in the U.S, with Teams from Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Western Mass, Maryland, Vermont, and Pennsylvania currently in our league.

Sled hockey, also known as sledge hockey, is the fast, exciting, rough-and-tumble version of ice hockey played primarily by people with lower limb mobility impairments. The game is essentially the same as “stand-up” ice hockey, the major difference being that the players use a sled with two hockey skate blades mounted under a seat.

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2013-2014 Champions

Congratulations to the NESHL
2013-2014 Season Champion
Philadelphia Flyers!




Congratulations to the Philadelphia Flyers!

They are the NESHL 2012-2013 Champions!



Update on league games scheduled for 2/10/13
Unfortunately the NEP team will not be able to make it tomorrow (2/10/13) due to the storm. We will still be going ahead with games but have adjusted a couple of them. I am attaching a note that Ken Messier sent out noting the game changes. We will do out best to make up missing games in March.

From Ken Messier:
It looks like all teams except New Hampshir...e will be here on Sunday.
Mass is scheduled to play NH at 11:15 and PA at 12:30
Instead of this schedule Mass will play PA at 11:45 or earlier if PA has their team here and then MA will play NY at 1:25 p.m which is the scheduled time for NY to play NH
This allows for each team to still play two games with minimal schedule changes
It will mean that in NJ in March you will not play each other as one of the games currently on the schedule you will each be playing NH instead

Again, please drive safely to and from the games tomorrow.


With just five "regular" skaters and four "elite", PA found itself in a four and one rotation. The new coach (Greg Scott) is learning all the idiosyncrasies of coaching disabled. Not the standard X and O philosophies of coaching; only balancing the bench with the AB and EA contingents.

Even though Beck, Hallman, Jones and D McDevitt could only participate 25% each, three of the four found the twine behind able netminder Karen Smith. In period one, Jones scored with help from "orange boy" Doyle and Dan McDevitt got some help from a sibling. Period two saw Mike Hallman increase the lead with further assistance from Mike McDevitt. Third period action had Jones helping Mike McDevitt (and vice versa!!!) and Dan McDevitt providing a well timed assist to Bobby Keys.

Tyler's description "in classic CT fashion the Pack started out the first period slow" was true as their shots on net by period were zero, one and three. PA netminder Jackson solidly stopped all shots (one) in stanza two. Unfortunately, Zack's save percentage dropped from 1.000 in period two down to 0.333 in the final period. CTs Ryan Pelletier found the back of PAs net with a nice play featuring Anthony Kuntz as the co-star. Tyler Konvent took advantage of a bad defensive turnover by PA without any help.

The nice part of the CT vs PA game was 45-minutes PENALTY FREE by both clubs!!!

Submitted by: Mike Doyle

Nov 22, 2010---Bugz swarm Wolf Pack (3-0)


In another classic NESHL match up the PA Center-peds took on the CT Wolf Pack in their first meet of season, and in classic CT fashion the Pack started out the first period slow allowing 2 goals (McDevitt, Blaine) and 9 shots on goal.

Connecticut slightly upped their game in the 2nd by only allowing 1 goal (Blaine) and 8 shots on goal.

The real story of this game was the 3rd period.  Pack goalie and Defense  showed their true colors by only allowing 7 shots on goal and Karen “I can’t put my arms down” Smith stopping all 7 in the 3rd and 21 out of 24 shots the whole game.

There was also a bit of physical play in period 3 involving Wolf Pack D Bobby “Napoleon Complex” Jenner and Bugz Center Danny “pick on the little guy” McDevitt.  Jenner hit McDevitt behind the net with what some would call a slightly high and slightly over extended hit into the boards. McDevitt taking note and stalking Jenner like a shark stalks a very tiny hunk of tuna retaliated with a high hit of his own that sparked an exchange of what I will call “Pleasantry’s”  and  “Colorful Metaphors” between the two.

Is this the start of a new rivalry? Will this over shadow the EPIC rivalry between Tyler “Flounder” Konvent and Mike “I only score points because Joe Howard sets me up” Ciavarro? Only time will tell.

Bugz beat Pack with a final score of 3 to 0

Story by Tyler Konvent

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