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 The NESHL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2005 as a means for regional Sled Hockey teams to engage in competitive, sportsmanlike hockey. We are the first-ever organized, multi-state, adult sled hockey league in the U.S, with Teams from Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Western Mass, Maryland, Vermont, and Pennsylvania currently in our league.

Sled hockey, also known as sledge hockey, is the fast, exciting, rough-and-tumble version of ice hockey played primarily by people with lower limb mobility impairments. The game is essentially the same as “stand-up” ice hockey, the major difference being that the players use a sled with two hockey skate blades mounted under a seat.

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Oct 24, 2010---Wolves and Cats build up their winter coats…


It was unfortunate that the CT Wolfpack had to face the NEP Wildcats after a fast paced game with the PA Centerpedes.  “We are a tough team to face,” said NEP coach Tom Carr “tougher once we are warmed up and ready to go.”


The usually quick ‘Pack’ was not prepared to face a Cats team that was ready to play.  With the loyal Chace family and friend making the trip to Burlington, NEP had the crowd on their side too.  The defense led by Taylor Chace forced the game from the back and early and often rushes by all defenders turned the tide quickly in the Cats favor.


The much anticipated and publicized Konvent vs. Ciavarro “meeting” did not live up to its Facebook billing.  It appears that both sides are more talk than action.  We will see when both teams meet up again in December.


Story by Tom Carr


Oct 24, 2010---Wolfpack put in the Kennel early by Rangers (8-1)

The first game of the NESHL season for the CT Wolf Pack was more like a hockey clinic taught by the NY Rangers. Crisp passes, hard accurate shots, communication, and cycling were all in the “demonstration” by the Rangers in Friday nights game.  The pack seemed to have a bit of “Rink Rust” going in. Their practice season had only started two weeks before and it showed.


The Pack was only able to accumulate 2 shots on goal the entire game. Both shots coming from CT star center Ryan Pelletier who was also the single goal scorer for the Pack.  Shots on goal were not CT’s only problem.  They had a light bench going into the weekend and were missing 2 wingers and 2 defensemen. That coupled  with the lack of practice the Pack was just not able to defend the blistering 8 goals out of 16 shots by NY.  Rangers goals were scored by Danny Santos (4), Nick Teodoro (2), Josh Pauls (1), and Mike Szymczak (1)


Story by Tyler Konvent


Oct 24, 2010---PA vs NH and PA vs NY

 PA Center-Pedes (1) broke a "wrung" against NH Wildcats (5)


The Taylor Chase (4 points) show was co-hosted by ex-Bug Josh Moran (4 points). Luis Aguinaldo stared between the pipes (stopping 10 of 11) while Zach Jackson stopped 15 of 20 for PA. PA's lone goal was scored by blue liner DJ Wilson with a little help from Mike McDevitt.




PA Center-Pedes (5) BUG the NY Rangers (3)


PA's balanced attack proved too much for the NY Rangers. Lubin, the McDevitt's and Wilson provided all the scoring necessary for the win. Chris Meigil scored all three goals for NY; assisted by Santos (2) and Pauls (1). Tough to see the NY contingent packing for home; they'll be back.


Stories by Mike Doyle



Oct 24, 2010---Pack gets fleas from Bugz (4-1)

Game 2 of the CT Wolf Packs NESHL season was much improved from the game of the previous night even though it still didn’t go in Connecticut favor. The game started out in old time hockey fashion with big hits from both teams including one featuring PA Centerpede brothers Danny and Mike McDevitt and The Wolf packs Tyler Konvent that set the pace for the rest of the game.


CT was much more focused against the Bugz and they showed it.  Center Ryan Pelletier opening up the game early with the Wolfpacks first goal. Defense was also the Packs key to the first two periods. They only allowed 5 shots on goal in the first and 4 in the second. PA was able to get a 2 -1 lead in the first but could not extend that lead in the second.


The third period was a different story though.  The Pack seemed to have a bit of a collapse in communication and discipline with their defensive line. CT winger turned defensemen for the weekend Tyler Konvent took a roughing penalty in the 3rd that allowed PA to get a power play goal and make the score 3 to 1. The troubles didn’t stop there. Bobby Jenner of the Pack took two penalties in the 3rd allowing another power play goal.


Period three wasn’t bad for all of the Wolf Pack though.  Veteran goalie Karen Smith was CTs backbone in the third and for most of the game stopping an incredible 20 out of 24 shots on goal. 13 of those stops coming in the third period alone.


The final score was PA 4 and the Wolf pack 1 but if this game was any indication of what CT is capable of its going to be a long hard fought season for all the teams.


Story by Tyler Konvent



Oct 24, 2010---PA Center-Pedes (4) climb the ladder past CT Wolfpack (1)

CT started out the scoring with Ryan Pelletier finishing a breakaway opportunity against Zach Jackson (PA netminder). PA recovered during the first period with tallies by old-timer Doyle and "spark plug" Lubin. Although CT was held to two shots CT forwards did have puck possession.


PA speed and determination kept the CT threats by Jenner, Kunz and Buglione minimized. Blaine and Dan McDevitt rounded out the scoring with both goals assisted by Mike McDevitt. Karen Smith kept it close by stopping all but four of PA's shots.


Story by Mike Doyle



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