Oct 24, 2010---Wolves and Cats build up their winter coats…


It was unfortunate that the CT Wolfpack had to face the NEP Wildcats after a fast paced game with the PA Centerpedes.  “We are a tough team to face,” said NEP coach Tom Carr “tougher once we are warmed up and ready to go.”


The usually quick ‘Pack’ was not prepared to face a Cats team that was ready to play.  With the loyal Chace family and friend making the trip to Burlington, NEP had the crowd on their side too.  The defense led by Taylor Chace forced the game from the back and early and often rushes by all defenders turned the tide quickly in the Cats favor.


The much anticipated and publicized Konvent vs. Ciavarro “meeting” did not live up to its Facebook billing.  It appears that both sides are more talk than action.  We will see when both teams meet up again in December.


Story by Tom Carr


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