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Nov. 22, 2010---Cat fight in Newington!


The VT Sledcats and NEP Wildcats met for their first meeting at the new NESHL site in Newington CT on Sunday.  It was cold in the rink and cold on the ice for both teams and their respective staffs however the area is definitely a welcome upgrade.


NEP new they would be facing two great goalies on this game day so they took every opportunity to test VT goalie Pat Standen.  In a game plan that has become their hallmark the Sledcats came out strong and keep the Wildcats at bay for much of the first period.  But good puck and player movement wore down the Sledcats.


While most NEP players found their way into the score book it was Coach Carr who was envious at the end of they day.  “I look at the youth and enthusiasm of that (VT) program and I am reminded of our program just a few years ago,” said Carr “their time will come.”


Story by Tom Carr


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