Tug of War in Flemington

Written by: Steve O’Brien

When the USA Warriors and Philadelphia Flyers clash on the ice a great game follows. This one was no exception. During warmups players from each team seemed on point mentally; preparing themselves for the game ahead. The first period started with the Warriors dominating the ice netting their goal early in the period on a beautiful back door shot by David Noblit. The Warriors maintained a hard fore-check in the Flyers zone resulting in a second goal by Andrew Wilson after a four shot-rebound sequence. The Warriors would continue to play hard laying out many good hits and keeping Philly on their heels.

The second period would prove to be a great one for the Flyers as they began to play tighter defensively, while bringing in a good fore-check of their own. Nobody scored in the second period but there were a plethora of great shots from the players of both teams, and even better saves by both goaltenders.

The third period saw a shift in play, with the Flyer tying up the game early with goals by Danny McDevitt, and Tim Jones. After the game was tied up the Flyers had a second wind in them playing with an aggressive fore-check, and giving the goaltender Benjamin Harrow several scoring chances and a good workout. Even with this momentum shift the Warrior’s defense would prove too resilient despite the Flyers having a few juicy chances that were ultimately denied by the great goaltending of Harrow.

The game ended in a 2-2 tie with both teams satisfied in the Congo-line and looking forward to the next game.