Back and Forth Fight Between States

Written by: Steve O’Brien

The Philadelphia Flyers and New Jersey Freeze hit the ice on Sunday ready to play their first game of the season. Both teams skated hard in the first period; each throwing bodies into the boards and pucks at the net. The Flyers, however, had more time in the Freeze’s zone then NJ would have liked with the Flyers scoring goals scored by Jack O’Grady, and Mike Doyle with Danny McDevitt assisting on both. The Freeze, however, would not go into the second period down by two, with Jack Wallace scoring one at the end of the period.

The second period would once again see the Flyers strong fore-check; doing their best to keep the puck in NJ’s zone. Despite that hard fore-check, the Freeze would take the lead for most of the second period with goals from Nick Teodoro, and Connor Fee. Even though they were down, the Flyers were not out; with Danny McDevitt tying the game at three apiece. Nick Teodoro would once again give the Freeze the lead ending the period with a score of NJ 4 and PHL 3.

Entering the third and final period the Flyers knew what had to be done and came out stronger and more focused then they were in the previous two periods. They netted three goals starting with a beautiful two line pass from Doyle to McDevitt to tie the game at four all. Tim Jones followed with two more goals, the last of which was scored on an empty net. The game would end 6-4 with the Flyers taking the first game of the season.

Both team played exceptionally well setting the stage for the rest of the games this season.